Finally after delaying since 2009 i have confidence to start write my first blog with content will be related with any kind of investment and economy.. by the way forgive my limitness in English, i am trying to write this blog in english with purpose improving my English skill also wishing everyone can read..

I am interesting to enhance my understanding about any kind of economy and invesment.. economy and invesment is like an art philosophy the essence of all kind of knowledge.. there is nothing 100% correct or 100% wrong.. 20 years ago people blame economy sosialist,it’s a big mistake to  restrict human will, that’s why they fail.. Now people blaming economy capitalist, subprime mortgage happen cause of the greedy rats, european crisis happen cause goverment control are to weak, now sosialsm people can say “naaah, i told youuu  the hands not invicible anymore right “ .. the future ?? capitalist or sosialsm?? Invisible or visible? Nothing sure, we don’t know there is no perfect equation, we need to flexible facing the economy development..

I myself not a mathematics fans, but since childhood i always have huge curious with anything related with philosophy, why this thing can be like that or why that things can be like this,  i consider myself as deep thinker.. the problems i never really find the sector i can really focus to study it, moreover i’m afraid since my sister tell me famous philosopher commonly end up suicide or crazy  .. Since then my interest in philosophy decreasing, until i graduate  from IT bachelor degree, until i work eventually i meet philosophy again remembering my childhood interest, but now i know where i really can focus on, i have found the right place for me to grow, economy and investment philosophy..

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